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News Alert - Attention to South Florida Homeowners!

Do you smell rotten eggs in your South Florida house?

You could have toxic drywall/sheetrock imported from China installed in your

Florida home. See news alert below....

Remove China Sheetrock South Florida

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T. L. Fulton Construction is ready NOW to help you with this horrible problem. Don't wait another day, get that China sulfur-gas toxic sheetrock/drywall out of your South Florida home!

Call today, 305.819.9289 or email us immediately.

T. L. Fulton Construction, Inc. has learned about a new problem for South Florida homeowners, that is: toxic China sheet rock that was imported into the U.S. and installed in homes from 2004 and is still being installed in South Florida homes.

Sheetrock is a product made from gypsum, a mineral found in the ground. Because of the shortage of sheetrock during the building boom of 2004-2006, home improvement suppliers looked to China to supply their customers with sheet rock. Toxic to copper, this sheet rock appears to emit sulfur gases that can damage air conditioning coils, electrical plumbing components and other material. This drywall has actually corroded air conditioning and refrigerator coils, microwaves, computer wiring, faucets and copper tubing.

There are several ways Florida homeowners can tell if they have this China drywall installed in their homes. First, a sulfur smell - rotten eggs, or the smell that is similar to the smell after lighting a match (matches have sulfur on them). Secondly, look at your electrical outlets. If the area around the outlet is black, then you have this China sheetrock. Thirdly, if your air conditioning unit malfunctions and needs to have repairs or be replaced. The gas that is in the air has corroded the copper tubing.

The U.S. is testing for health issues but if this gas can corrode copper - what is it doing to your health? South Florida homeowners are complaining of respiratory problems and unexplained rashes on their bodies. America’s Watchdog, a national advocacy group for consumer protection, estimates that 10,000 homes in Florida and more than 100,000 nationwide eventually will be affected. This group, America's Watchdog, are taking samples and testing air quality in homes across the nation.

T. L. Fulton Construction can test your South Florida home for this sulfur acid gas from China's drywall. Our professional crew can handle all the Dade, Broward, Monroe County Building permits required, remove that toxic China drywall that has high sulfur acid gas content, replace your walls with nontoxic American gypsum drywall, and lastly, cleanup and get you back into your home as soon as possible. This is a gas that smells like rotten eggs and is inside your home, so that means you are breathing this sulfur acid gas.

Get help TODAY, call Terry Fulton 305.819.9289.

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